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Ericsson Educate: digital learning program for students launched

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

By Ericsson

Ericsson in partnership with UNESCO recently launched Ericsson Educate, a digital learning platform focused on improving digital skills for students in secondary schools and universities. Ericsson is a Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company.

Ericsson Educate features courses on 5G networks, IoT, data science, automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

According to the statement from Ericsson, the aim is to strengthen the ICT skills of students to enhance their readiness for jobs in the telecom and ICT sectors.

"Now more than ever, being digitally connected is vital to maintaining a sense of normalcy during the current circumstances. Education is one critical sector particularly affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic, with around 1.2 billion students and youth around the world unable to attend traditional education institutions. This has placed a huge demand for comprehensive online education programs on governments and education institutions alike" - Ericsson statement.


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