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From Social Distancing to Social Solidarity: Gig economy and the COVID-19

By OECD Development Matters

Researchers at Fairwork, an organisation that advocates for better working conditions for gig workers recently found that while many platform companies introduced basic measures to protect workers, few are offering the much needed sick pay or financial support.

The findings are based on responses from 73 platforms across 12 countries on 5 different continents.

In another article, Fairwork notes that some of the measures put in place by the platforms are geared more toward protecting the customers and are leaving the gig workers in the cold.

They also emphasize that the vulnerabilities of gig workers did not arise out of nowhere and their social protection needs will not magically disappear after this health crisis subsides.

" The protection schemes should not be set up as one-off or short-term solutions to fix a permanent problem. Gig workers need to have access to safe and fair working conditions at all times."


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