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How COVID-19 has impacted South Africa’s job search market

By HyperText

An analysis of South Africa’s recent search trends on Jooble, a global employment platform finds that many job seekers don't seem to be equipped to work remotely.

Measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 around the world have left many jobless, forcing them to look for work online.

Jobble collected and analysed data on South Africa and found that there was a noticeable absence of search requests such as ‘online work’ and ‘remote work’ over the last month, the same period the South African government announced the lockdown.

But, South African developers who are already skilled and equipped to work from home are still searching for jobs on the platform.

Generally, the platform says there has been a loss of interest in job searches with a drop of 50 percent in March.

“While in the US for example, people are actively adjusting their skills to the new work pattern and apart from common online teaching, tutoring and freelance, now look for ‘online fashion stylist’ or ‘online personal trainer’ options. Reports on South Africa haven’t even shown one hundred combination searches containing the word ‘online”- Jooble


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