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INDIA: Gig workers can’t make a living unless they install a controversial contact tracing App

By BuzzFeed

Ride-hailing and food delivery companies in India are making it mandatory for platform workers to install a controversial government-backed coronavirus contact tracing app, rasing concerns around privacy and state surveillance, reports BuzzFeed.

The Indian Federation of App-Based Transport Workers which represents more than 35,000 gig workers across the country claims the companies are taking advantage of the many semiliterate workers who do not understand the privacy concerns around contact tracing apps.

The app, called Aarogya Setu, requires constant access to GPS and Bluetooth data, and has drawn criticism from around the world for enabling state surveillance.

Last month labor unions forced the Indian government to soften its stance on mandating private employees to install the app but platform companies insist that platform workers must install the app.


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