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INDIA: Recruiters turn to upskilling platforms to hire talent

Via Decan Herald

Indian companies are turning to upskilling platforms to hire talent as more people sign up to upgrade their skills. The pandemic has pushed many Indians to join upskilling platforms that also offer placement assistance, Decan Herald reports.

In India, LinkedIn Learning Data shows an increase of 245% in the number of hours spent on virtual learning from July 2019 to June 2020.

After a slump in hiring during the first few months of the pandemic, many companies have restarted the process and are looking more to the upskilling platforms.

Scaler Academy, an ed-tech start-up for upskilling software engineers says monthly hire through the platform has shot up by 100% in the last two months (July & August) as compared to earlier (May & June).

Ed-tech company Great Learning says it has seen a 2.5x growth in the demand for data science jobs in September compared to April 2020.

upGrad, India's largest online higher education company says career transitions went from 50 per cent in the last quarter to 70 per cent this quarter.

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