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Uber updates its coronavirus compensation policy for drivers

By Axios

Uber adjusted its new COVID-19 paid sick leave policy to include drivers who have been told to quarantine because they have pre-existing conditions.

However, it’s now capping the maximum amount drivers can receive, even if their past average earnings would have netted them more pay under the previous policy, Axios reports. Uber says this is to make this new policy more sustainable.

"Since then, many of you have told us that the policy we originally launched supported too few drivers and the process to get funds has been complicated and confusing. Today we’re revising our policy in 2 ways"- Uber

Uber also says the assistance will focus on those who are still actively driving and delivering.

The company has already paid out $4 million to U.S. drivers under its COVID-19 policies and promised to re-evaluate applications that were rejected under the old policy.

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