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US gig economy: Amazon and grocery delivery workers seeing uptick, rideshare income down- data

By Global News Wire

COVID-19 has had an overwhelmingly negative impact on the hourly and gig economies according to data from STEADY a gig work platform.

The data is from a cohort of its 1.7+ million members who have linked their bank accounts through the Steady platform which also provides financial advice to the users.

Overall, according to STEADY, income is down, but data is showing a slight uptick in certain categories.

For example, Steady members who receive income from restaurant and grocery delivery, as well as grocery retail, drugstore retail, Amazon and Walmart have seen an increase in income.

However, Steady members who drive for ridesharing platforms or work in the hospitality industry have seen a sizable or complete loss of income, as more people are working from home and not leaving except to get groceries, go to the doctor or pick up a prescription.


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