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Innovations in Platform-Led Upskilling: Ghana Tech Lab

By consultant

Supporting Digital Innovations Across Ghana

Ghana Tech Lab supports digital innovations by helping young entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. It provides training, incubation, and seed funding for entrepreneurs to grow their startups. The organization also works with partners to provide internship opportunities for young entrepreneurs. Its goal is to guide young people to find solutions for problems that affect society today.


Image from Ghana Tech Lab website 

Ghana Tech Lab Partners to Provide Training

Ghana Tech Lab works with several partners committed to creating opportunities for young people and providing them with the right skills. Its partners include the government of Ghana, the World Bank, and the Mastercard Foundation.


The organization has provided training to about 6,000 people across Ghana, and its job creation rate stands at 56%. Currently, it has a team of 42 people.


The Impact of COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Ghana Tech Lab could not run its bi-annual training program until the third quarter of 2020. However, this didn’t stop the organization from providing support to young people. It launched a free online training program during the lockdown, which equipped up to 1,500 young people with skills development. Since this program targeted people in rural areas, Ghana Tech Lab had an internet scholarship scheme to ensure participants could access the web.


Investing in Online and Digital

Learning from the COVID-19 outbreak, Ghana Tech Lab is looking to make its operations more digitized. This includes hosting digital interpersonal training sessions, digitizing its training content, providing digital scholarships, launching its first online program, and launching remote internships.


Ghana Tech Lab Is an Ideal Upskilling Partner

With lots of experience running training programs across the country online and offline, Ghana Tech Lab would be a great partner for platforms looking to train their workers or sellers. With the support of Mastercard Foundation, Caribou Digital will be actively supporting some projects investigating the efficacy of partnerships between third parties and platforms around training efforts. We look forward to sharing the results.

We’re interested in hearing your training story too. If you are a platform, or work within the broader training ecosystem, please get in touch.
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