Platform-Led Upskilling

Case Studies

Discover the best practices for upskilling from leading emerging market platforms in these case studies and videos.


December, 2020 

eMobilis empowers young Kenyans with digital skills

eMobilis, a technology training institution and incubation hub in Kenya, is on a mission to create opportunities for African youth, preparing them for the future of work through marketable, industry-driven skills.

COVID-19 and Innovations in Platform-Led Upskilling


May, 2020

Copia trains 12,000 agents through a mix of training methods

The type of training Copia offers imparts skills that agents can use, both on and off the platform, for the rest of their lives such as financial planning and digital literacy.

Innovations in Platform-led Upskilling


January, 2020

Uber has partnered with Old Mutual to equip Uber driver-partners with financial management skills

Platforms, like Uber, increasingly recognize the value of building providers’ skills and invest in skill development.

Innovations in Platform-led Upskilling


January, 2020

Flipkart’s investment in seller success through personalized upskilling

Leading Indian e-commerce platform Flipkart strives to upskill sellers in a personalized and highly contextualized way, irrespective of where sellers are in their business growth and digital literacy journeys. 

Innovations in Platform-led Upskilling

August, 2020

FUNDIS invests in digital and soft skills to help workers become independent and digitally savvy professionals 

We talked to the co-founder and team leader at FUNDIS about their dream of enhancing the human capacity of the informal sector in Kenya through platform led upskilling.

COVID-19 and Innovations in Platform-Led Upskilling


January 2020

Lynk’s Pro training addresses skills gaps that would hold both the platform and Pros back

Lynk quickly realized that ensuring high quality craftspersonship and customer service was a challenge that could be addressed through training.

Innovations in Platform-led Upskilling

download (8).png

January, 2020

Gokada invests heavily in face-to-face, transformational training 

Before the Okada ban in Nigeria, Gokada provided training and upskilling to drivers through two primary approaches: face-to-face training and in-app messages and notifications.

Innovations in Platform-led Upskilling


June, 2020

Jobberman invests in virtual softs skills training amid COVID-19 to help prepare job seekers for the workplace

In an attempt to improve job seekers’ employability and ensure young people are better prepared for the workplace, the platform has begun to invest in soft skills training.

COVID-19 and Innovations in Platform-Led Upskilling

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 1.27.51 PM.png

January, 2020

Jumia Kenya invests heavily in training and retraining their vendors

Platforms depend on high volumes of transactions, so they need sellers equipped with the skills to fulfill sales so the onus is increasingly on the platform to step in and deliver them.

Innovations in Platform-led Upskilling

January, 2020

DigiFarm trains its farmers through SMS with the support of a face-to-face advisory network

To date almost 310,000 farmers have accessed DigiFarm’s learning content, provided via integrated SMS learning services bundled into the core product offering.

Innovations in Platform-led Upskilling 

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