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Britannia Marie Gold and NSDC announces India's digital skills program for homemakers.

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Via Press Trust of India

In India, a partnership between Britannia Marie Gold and National Skill Development Corporation ( NSDC) will provide digital skills to at least 10,000 women in the comfort of their homes. Women constitute 48% of the Indian population but only 23% participate in the labour force.

The online courses will cover basic communication skills, financial literacy, information and communication technology and micro-entrepreneurial skills.

The training programs which will be available in two languages - English and Hindi- will be available through the NSDC's eSkillIndia portal that is already driving the Government of India's Skill India Mission.

"Skilling initiatives especially focused towards Entrepreneurship & Gig Economy is the need of the hour given that 229.2 million, out of the 301.5 million who are not in the labour force, state their status as 'attending domestic duties' and innovative approaches that create economic opportunities for them without conflicting with social needs will be a win-win solution for all. If we could add 20 percentage point more to women labor force, India's GDP will go up by more than 1 trillion USD" - Dr. Manish Kumar, CEO, NSDC.


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