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Facebook’s new training initiative targets women in India

Via Hindustan Times

Facebook's new initiative ''We Think Digital'' will provide digital literacy training to 100,000 women across India, focusing majorly on privacy, safety, and misinformation.

“We believe that women should have equal access to economic opportunities, education and social connection that the internet provides. Working closely with experts from across different walks of life, we are constantly innovating and designing activities that will enable digital learning and change in the community,” says Facebook India's director of public policy Ankhi Das.

This initiative is one of several efforts from Facebook to reduce the digital skills and digital gender gap across the world.

This digital gender disparity affects women’s access to meaningful and dignified work - both high and low skilled - in the digital economy. While the skills delivered in this training are purely based on using Facebook’s platform, they are also portable and can be used off the platform. At Caribou Digital, with support from Mastercard Foundation, we are investigating how the benefits of this kind of training - Platform-Led Transformational Upskilling - can go beyond the users’ experience on that platform to positively impact other areas of their lives as well.

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