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Google to provide free tools and training to 10 million people and businesses

Via Google

Over the next 18 months, Google will help 10 million people and businesses in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) find jobs, digitize and grow, as part of a global initiative to enable quicker recovery from the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Google says the lockdown tripled the demand for some of its existing online courses which has encouraged the company to invest in new, targeted programs.

Google will cover the costs for 100,000 people to take the Google IT Support Professional Certificate which prepares people for a career in IT.

“Through lockdown, many of us found that online tools have been a real lifeline. We’ve used them to find information and stay connected with our communities, support local businesses, teach our children and learn new skills ourselves. The same tools will be vital in helping countries recover more quickly and more sustainably” - Matt Brittin, president for Google Europe, Middle East and Africa.

To help people find new job opportunities, the company will launch the job search tool in more countries in EMEA to help people get work they can do while at home.

The company is also setting aside $15 million to fund nonprofits that help workers and small business owners who are technologically, financially or socially excluded with critical digital skills and access to jobs.

In addition, Google will also upgrade its existing tools such as Google my Business to help more local businesses get online and connect with more customers.

Google is also launching an artificial intelligence tool to help small and medium businesses improve efficiency and grow their revenue.


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