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Huawei launches ASEAN academy to empower digital talent and nurture a digital ecosystem

Via Manila Bulletin

Huawei Malaysia has set up an academy, the first of its kind in the Asian Pacific region, to nurture and develop local digital talent.

Huawei Technologies is a Chinese multinational technology company.

Over the next five years, The Huawei ASEAN Academy will provide ICT skills to 50,000 people including government workers, industry professionals, and university students. The academy boasts of 3,000 ICT courses.

“The backbone of a strong digital network and infrastructure still remains with the people that build and maintain such services for Malaysians to enjoy. The trainings and programs provided by the ASEAN academy will empower local talents to be future-ready and actively contribute to accelerating the country’s digital transformation journey” - Michael Yuan, CEO Huawei Malaysia.


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