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Nigeria: Jobberman, Mastercard Foundation team up on jobs and skills for youth

Via Mastercard Foundation

Mastercard Foundation and Jobberman Nigeria have launched a mass training program for job seekers in Nigeria.

Jobberman, the largest recruitment platform in sub-Saharan Africa, will provide employability skills training to 5 million job seekers and also secure dignified employment for 3 million unemployed youth over the next five years.

Training will be focused on soft skills such as emotional intelligence, business etiquette and time management, and will be delivered online and offline for people with limited access to the internet.

Jobberman Nigeria will also establish a baseline of the state of employability of young Nigerians by conducting a skills gap analysis of the labour market in Agriculture, Digital, and the Creative Industries sectors, cultivating employability skills through training centres, online classes/webinars, career fairs, and events. It will then place jobseekers in various roles across the Agriculture, Digital, and Creative Industries among others.

“Skills training is essential as advancements in technology and the changing nature of work means employers are increasingly looking for workers who have the technical and soft skills that machines are unlikely to fill, such as creativity and collaboration" - Chidinma Lawanson, Country Head, Nigeria at the Mastercard Foundation

This initiative is part of Mastercard Foundation’s Young Africa Works strategy which aims to enable 10 million young Nigerians especially young women to access dignified and fulfilling work by 2030.


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