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Innovations in upskilling: Uber has partnered with Old Mutual to equip Uber driver-partners with financial management skills

Platforms, like Uber, increasingly recognize the value of building providers’ skills. Accordingly, Uber now offers  On the Money financial literacy training sessions—in-person educational seminars run by Old Mutual for Uber driver-partners. The sessions, held at Uber’s Greenlight Hubs (dedicated driver-partner support centers), aim to equip Uber driver-partners with critical money management skills, entrepreneurial skills, information on how to best manage their finances, and the habit of proactive saving and developing healthy savings habits. Sessions were launched in 2016 in South Africa, and, following the success of the program there, expanded to Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya in 2017 before relaunching across South Africa in 2019. 


Uber driver-partners receive invitations in-app and via email about each monthly session and can apply to attend. The partnership between Uber and Old Mutual was formed primarily to benefit driver-partners who need the necessary skills to ensure they are successful as small business owners.

"The financial wellbeing of driver-partners is a key priority for Uber. We are constantly working hard to ensure we are investing in driver-partners and assisting them in building sustainable businesses. With our ongoing partnership with Old Mutual, we are making it accessible for our driver-partners to have all the necessary skills to assist them to manage their money and further increase their chances of running a successful business."  


 —Ndunduzo Nyanda, Country Manager for Uber South Africa

Driver-partners at the launch of Uber an

Driver-partners at the launch of the Uber and Old Mutual Financial Literacy Sessions

Platform-Led Upskilling within Uber’s Ecosystem

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We’re interested in hearing your training story too. If you are a platform, or work within the broader training ecosystem, please get in touch.
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